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MYTHbuster #32

terracotta apples

"Gift Box" by Sarah Frederick, terracotta

So much about the liberal arts is about dispelling myths, revealing truths, righting wrongs, clarifying misperceptions, questioning the “accepted norm,” and liberating minds from ignorance that stifles humanity’s progress.

Essentially, it’s mythbusting.

So, true or false:
The majority of sculptors in the world are men.

If you’re one of the many artists or art historians who studied formally, you were likely instructed to consult art history textbooks whose pages were void of women artists. You’d be inclined to answer “true.”

But if you’re an artist who lives in the real world, or an art historian who digs deeper to uncover a more complete history, you know the answer is “false.” You understand the power of a myth that holds people back.

Ogden glass sculpture Glass sculpture by Joyce Ogden (photo by Ken Heyden)

Thankfully, Transylvania's Morlan Gallery is here to open our eyes and explode myths. Through March 28, the work of 14 women artists will be exhibited. Come and enjoy the inclusive, mythbusting work of the ENID collective. 

Don't miss a lecture presented by Dr. Juilee Decker, associate professor of art history and museum studies at Georgetown College, titled "Enid Yandell: Sculptress, Bachelor Maid, and Pioneer," in association with the exhibition of work by women sculptors currently in the university’s Morlan Gallery. March 25, 12:30 to 1:30 p.m., in the Morlan Gallery.

Read more about the exhibition.

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