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Sustainability matters at Transylvania. Here’s how you can tell.

At Transylvania, we affirm sustainability as a core value. Students, faculty, and staff integrate it into our daily intellectual and social life in as many ways as possible. Here are just a few things the Transylvania community is doing.

  • Waste-free dining. This year’s start-of-the-year meal was a pilot for waste-free campus events. All dishes and utensils were non-disposable, and all food scraps were composted rather than thrown away. In addition, our dining hall serves locally-grown produce as much as possible and don’t use Styrofoam or other non-biodegradable products.
  • Campus gardens. Faculty, students, and staff work together to grow produce in an organic community garden. Elsewhere on campus, a butterfly garden provides a habitat for insects and wildlife. Our rain garden also helps filter pollutants while encouraging the cultivation of native perennials.
  • Computing for the planet. Our campus-wide paperless initiative has cut printer paper use by 33 percent in the past year, and savings continue to increase. Other computing efforts include thin-client computer labs that reduce energy use and cooling needs.
  • Energy efficiency. Geothermal systems heat and cool Thomson Hall and the Glenn Building. Thomson Hall was the first residence hall in Kentucky to earn U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s prestigious ENERGY STAR certification for superior energy efficiency and environmental protection. All new construction is required to comply with ENERGY STAR guidelines.
  • Mass transit. A bicycle loan program makes Earth-friendly transit available to faculty, students, and staff, and the university encourages the use of mass transit to move around the city.

Find out more about sustainability on campus by visiting our sustainability site.

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