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2016-2017 University Catalog

    Academic Majors/Minors


Program Director: Christi Hayne (chayne@transy.edu)
Office: Cowgill 220
Phone: 233-8184

Recommended Sequence of Courses

Accounting Major Pattern
First Year
Fall Term Winter Term  May Term

Sophomore Year
Fall Term Winter Term  May Term
ACCT 2014 Prin. of Account I ACCT 2134 Prin. of Account II  
ECON 2024 Microeconomics ECON 2034 Macroeconomics  

Junior Year
Fall Term Winter Term  May Term
ACCT 3034 Intermed Account I ACCT 3044 Intermed Account II Accounting Elective
ACCT 3144 Cost Accounting ACCT 3094 Income Taxation  
BA 3024 Mgt & Org Behavior ACCT 4002 VITA  

Senior Year
Fall Term Winter Term  May Term
BA 3084 Legal Environment of Bus. ACCT 4014 Auditing Accounting Elective
Accounting Elective ACCT 4002 VITA  
Accounting Elective    

Students who commence the ACCT 2014/2134 sequence during the sophomore year should plan on taking two accounting courses per term thereafter.
All accounting courses should be taken at Transylvania.
Transylvania accounting majors who earn 1.5 units above minimum requirements for degree will qualify to sit for the CPA exam with no additional postgraduate coursework.
First-year students are not advised to take the Principles sequence.

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