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2016-2017 University Catalog

    Academic Majors/Minors

Teaching Physical Education

Program Director: Kirk Abraham (kabraham@transy.edu)
Office: Beck 3019
Phone: 233-8363

Recommended Sequence of Courses

NOTE: To be eligible for any type of certification in education, students must meet the GPA requirement and meet the required scores for a test of basic skills in math, reading, and writing.

Teaching Physical Education Major Pattern
First Year
Fall Term Winter Term  May Term
PSY 1004 General Psychology* PSY 1004 General Psychology Elective (PE Activity Course) AND
EDU 1004 Observing the Learner EDU 1004 Observing the Learner PE 1113 Lifetime Fitness OR
PE 1004 Intro to PE & Exercise Science PE 2014 Team Sports I OR  
BIO 1044 Biological Interactions  PE 2024 Team Sports II  
  BIO 1044 Biological Interactions  

Sophomore Year
Fall Term Winter Term  May Term
EDU 2014 Schooling in American Culture AND/OR PE 2034 Individual Sports I OR Elective (PE Activity Course) AND
PE 2094 Anatomy & Phys. I PE 2044 Individual Sports II PE 4004 Organization, Admin. & Evaluation of Phys. Ed & Ex. Science
PSY 1004 General Psychology PE 2074 The Dance   
  EDU 2164 Design. Constructivist-Based Learning Climates  
NOTE: Students should seek admission to the teacher education program by their sophomore year.

Junior Year
Fall Term Winter Term  May Term
EDU 3054 Instructional Strategies PE 3004 Methods in PE Elective (PE Activity Course) AND
PE 3014 Physiology of Exercise PE 3034 Athletic Injuries and Rehab EDU 3244 Practicum in Learning Experiences
Elective (PE Activity Course)  PE 3054 Kinesiology & Biomechanics  

Senior Year
Fall Term Winter Term  May Term
Remaining PE Elective Courses EDU 4314 Student Teaching 12 Grades   Elective (PE Activity Course) AND
  PE 4444 Senior Seminar (optional) EDU 4514 Senior Seminar (Needed only if PE 4444 no taken) 

Students interested in this major should seek advising early in the first year to ensure being able to meet the requirements and to graduate in a timely manner.
It should be noted that the Physical Education major does not certify the student in teaching health education.  Students can pursue teaching health certification as part of graduate study after completing degree requirements at Transylvania.
All PE activity courses are .25 unit
*Satisfies a GE Distribution requirement

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