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Fine Arts Scholarship Form

All applicants must submit this form to be considered for fine arts scholarships.

  • You must first be admitted to Transylvania to compete for a fine arts Scholarship.
  • Scholarships are awarded up to $12,000 ($3,000/year).
  • You may compete for scholarships in multiple disciplines, but please only submit one form.
  • Auditions will be required for fine arts scholarships. If you are invited for a Premier or Trailblazer scholarship interview, we can schedule your audition for the same day as your interview, if you would like.
  • You will be notified of the Fine Arts Scholarship audition dates shortly.

  2. 2. Select Fine Art Discipline(s)

    You may compete for multiple disciplines, but each have their own requirements for consideration. Please review the requirements for each discipline.

    • Art History
    • Studio Art
    • Music
    • Theater

    Art History Scholarship Requirements

    1. A major or minor in art history
    2. A 1-page essay on why you wish to study art history at Transylvania University submitted by February 1, 2017, to kgohde@transy.edu and khiggins@transy.edu.
    3. An interview with art history faculty

    Do you wish to be considered for an art history scholarship?

    Yes No

    Please email any particular questions regarding art history scholarships to professor Kurt Gohde.

    Studio Art Scholarship Requirements

    1. A major or minor in studio art
    2. A CD portfolio with no more than ten (10) selections submitted to Ken Higgins. Please save image files as a popular, PC-friendly file type. All portfolios must be received by February 1, 2017, to be considered.
    3. Ken Higgins
      300 North Broadway
      Lexington, KY 40508

    4. An interview with Studio Art faculty is NOT required, but strongly encouraged.

    Do you wish to be considered for a studio art scholarship?

    Yes No

    Would you like to have a studio art interview with the faculty? The interview is strongly encouraged.

    Yes No

    Please email any particular questions regarding studio art scholarships to professor professor Kurt Gohde.

    Music Scholarship Requirements

    1. A major or minor in music is NOT required.
    2. Vocalists, instrumentalists, music technicians, and composers are all eligible to compete. However, to be considered, you must:
    3. Participate in an assigned ensemble for eight (8) semesters.
    4. Participate in private, applied lessons for four (4) semesters. (No additional costs)
    5. Complete an audition with music faculty.
    6. Fax all accompaniment music with notations to Gretchen Shoot to 859-233-8624 or scan and email to gshoot@transy.edu by February 1, 2017. An accompanist will be provided for you at no cost.

    You may audition for both instrumental and vocal.

    Do you wish to be considered for a music scholarship?

    Yes No

    Do you wish to audition on an instrument?

    Yes No

    If so, which instrument?

    Do you wish to do a vocal audition?

    Yes No

    If so, which vocal part?

    Would you like an accompaniment provided for you?

    Yes No

    Applicants interested in being considered for a music technology/composition scholarship need to contact professor Tim Polashek for more details about requirements.
    Do you wish to interview for a music technology/composition scholarship?

    Yes No

    Please email any particular questions regarding music scholarships to professor Ben Hawkins.

    Theater Scholarship Requirements

    1. A major or minor in theater is NOT required. However, to be considered, you must:
    2. Participate in one major production (on or off-stage) per year or provide service to the theater department per faculty direction.
    3. Audition/interview with theater faculty.
    4. Submit a resumé and head shot to professor Sullivan White at swhite@transy.edu by February 1, 2017.
    5. Submit a 1-page essay explaining your interest in participating in theater at Transylvania University to professor Sullivan White by February 1, 2017.
    6. An interview with theater faculty is required. During this interview, students can perform a 1-minute monologue and/or have a design/tech portfolio reviewed.

    Actors or technicians are eligible to compete.

    Do you wish to be considered for a theater scholarship?

    Yes No

    For which discipline(s) do you wish to compete?

    If you wish to compete as an actor, you will need to do a 1-minute monologue. If you wish to compete as a technician, you will need to bring a tech portfolio to your interview.


    Please email any particular questions regarding theater scholarships to professor Sullivan White.

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  3. 3. Submit application

    You have chosen to participate in the following steps of the scholarship process:

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