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Who's Coming to the Robert Barr Society Reunion?

* Already registered for various events.

Wayne Bell* 

Virginia Marsh Bell* 

Jim Faulconer*
Barbara Burch Merrell 

Harold Faulconer*

Ted Faulconer* 

Jim Groves*

Phil Points* 
Bill Schiphorst* 

Barbara Reliford Faulconer*
Gayle Ropke Greer*
Betty Scrivner Lollis*
Sally Smith Pace* 

Pryntha Alexander Hardenbergh*
Anne Prather Cammack*
Ben Henry*
Dave Lollis*
Clyde McKee*
Bob Pace*
Clyde Roper*
Ingrid Braunohler Roper*
Bicky Barringer Schiphorst*
John Tackett*
Guy Waldrop* 

Judy Hardesty Hardin*
Ellen Freeman Higgins*
Marie Myers Lancaster*
Beverly Jouett Longo*
Gary Longo*
Betty Kidwell Lyons*
Lewis Mathis*
Hilda Hulett McKee*
Sue McCullagh Nicholson*
Sue Spradling Osborne*
Tom Ripy*
Jim Stephens* 
Bill Stroker*
Janet McGinnis Thomson-Richardson* 

Bill Arvin*
Ann Caldwell*
Volindah Johnson Costabell*
Patsy Alexander Nielsen*
Brents Giltner Oliphant*
Skeets Pennington*
Jane Martin Smith*
Susan Miller Stephens* 
Carolyn Collier Ware*
Sam Ware* 

Judy Thomas MacDuffee*
Bob Stauffer*
John Williams*

Bob Dillard*
Ted Wilson* 

Andy Stone Bales*
John Biancke* 
Sue Ann Hawkins Breeze*
Judy King Cowgill* 
Kay Taylor Gevendon*
Marianne Carter Humphries*  
Nancy Jo Kemper*
Dave Shipps
Clyde Simmons* 

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