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Did you know?

1. 55 percent of the nationwide graduating class of 2012 participated in an internship!

2. 55 percent of employers prefer that new hires have internship experience over any other type of work!

—From the National Association of Colleges and Employers

Securing professional experience, through an internship, is one of the best ways to make yourself employable or competitive for graduate school. Why wouldn't you want to do one?!

Career Development is excited to work with you to help you discover opportunities and prepare your application. We offer assistance with two types of internships:

  1. Academic Internships - These internships provide academic credit for the experience and are supervised by a professor. There are academic and work requirements along with a minimum number of hours of experience. This experience will appear as an internship credit on your transcript.
  2. Non-credit Internships - These internships do not provide credit and are simply extended professional experiences in a career field.

It is important to plan ahead regardless of what type of internship you choose. Working closely with Career Development, we can help you decide what type of internship you should have and when you should participate.

The best way to begin the process is to draft a professional résumé. You will need a strong, marketable résumé in order to apply for internship opportunities.

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