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Julianne Norman '11 is "buried" amongst her schoolchildren. Julianne is an English teaching assistant in Deauville, France. She studied abroad in France while a student and also did an internship at the 2010 World Equestrian Games on behalf of Normandy, France, site of the 2014 games.

There is often strong interest in finding opportunities abroad, especially after a rewarding study abroad experience. The following advice and resources may help you explore opportunities.

  • Participating in a full-term or summer study abroad experience is essential. Employers need to see that you have had an experience "under your belt."

  • While not required for all experiences, having proficiency in a second language is often mandated or strongly preferred. Studying abroad is often a fantastic way to develop proficiency.

  • Start early! Many premier programs, such as those featured below, have early and competitive application processes.

  • Speaking to alumni who have worked abroad can give you insight into application processes and help you determine the best programs to apply to.

Fulbright Program
The Fulbright organization awards competitive grants for experiences abroad in many different countries. Students may apply for one of two grants—an academic/research grant based upon a project/study to be conducted in the host country or the English Teaching Assistantship that pairs you with a teacher to provide language and cultural sharing. Contact Kathy Simon, director of study abroad, in the winter term of your junior year to be considered. You must be nominated by Transy to be eligible.

The JET Program
Similar to the Fulbright program, JET offers selected applicants the opportunity to live in Japan and help teach students English, while also working to bring cultural understanding. This is a highly competitive program that provides a lifetime of memories.

Peace Corps
The Peace Corps' purpose is to promote peace and understanding between the United States and host countries through service. Peace Corps volunteers spend two years in the host country working in areas such as education; youth and community development; health; business and information and communication technology; agriculture; and the environment.
Competition to secure an assignment is high and requires the ability to demonstrate leadership, self-motivation, and the ability to work independently on vitally important projects.

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