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Academic Internships

Eryn Hornberger '13 hands out tasty and nutritious treats to Russell Cave Elementary school children during her Exercise Science academic internship.

Read about our exciting tuition waiver opportunities to earn academic credit for your internship without paying extra for it!

Learning happens both inside and outside the classroom. Our Academic Internship program allows you to combine both by awarding you credit for participating in a professional learning experience in a non-profit, for-profit, or public organization.

Here are the steps to securing an Academic Internship:

  1. Review the Rules and Important Deadlines regarding the Academic Internship Program.
  2. Complete a professional résumé that has been reviewed by our office.
  3. Speak to a faculty member to determine the types of experiences that they would approve. Faculty approval is required for any Academic Internship. The faculty member overseeing your internship can be, but does not have to be your faculty advisor.
  4. Fill out the Application for an Academic Internship in order to register for the internship course. During the fall and winter terms, you can do this during the normal registration period. You do not need to know where you are doing an internship in order to register for the internship course.
  5. Make an appointment to meet with Susan Rayer to discuss opportunities and to apply for positions. You can also search for opportunities through our CrimsonNet posting site.
  6. Upon securing an internship experience that has been approved by a faculty member, complete the Academic Learning Work Agreement by the appropriate deadline.

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