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Career Assessments

Understanding your interests, skills, values, and personality characteristics can greatly help you learn more about yourself and possible career paths that can be a fit for you. The following assessments can assist you in identifying these important elements. They cannot, however, tell you what you should be.

Assessments are valuable tools, but they are only tools to help you decide. We encourage you to use these assessments, then follow up with Career Development to discuss the results and plan the next steps.

Focus Career Assessments

Use these multiple, short assessment instruments to learn about careers connected to your interests, skills, and values. You can save your searches and go over them when you meet with a Career Development staff member.

First time users should create an account and use PIONEER as the access code.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ®
The Myers-Briggs® instrument is a personality assessment that will help you ascertain and understand your 4-letter type. Given to millions annually, the MBTI® will help you understand your communication and learning styles as well as how certain careers may be a better fit for you.

To take the MBTI®, you will first need to meet with Michael Cronk in Career Development. You can make an appointment by email or phone (859-233-8193).

My Next Move

My Next Move is a free resource that includes an easy-to-use Interest Assessment that connects your results directly to the O*NET occupation system.

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