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Choosing a Major

After choosing a college, choosing an academic major is the next biggest choice you will make. Your ideas and thoughts may range from total uncertainty, to leaning, to deciding. No matter what stage you are in, let us work with you to make an informed, confident decision.

The first step to choosing a major is to be sure you understand what a major is—and what it is not!

  • Think of All of the Knowledge Of the Universe as light. Imagine shining this light through a prism. What do you see? A rainbow. Imagine that each of the colors of the rainbow represents different types of knowledge or disciplines of study. That is how you should think of a major: an introduction to a discipline of study.

  • If you thought a major was training for a particular profession, you are incorrect. But don't worry—this is a common misperception!

  • At Transylvania, you will be required to select one (and only one) major by April of your sophomore year. Most majors require 10–14 courses. You will have plenty of time to complete it as well as all of your GE requirements toward the 36 units for your degree.

To assist you with the decision-making process, take a look at the statements below. Click the one that most closely resembles your thinking about majors:


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