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Prya Murad '11 discusses her passion for bioethics with Dean Kathleen Jagger and professor of philosophy Jack Furlong. Prya's courses and research inspired her to apply to Yale University's Summer Bioethics Seminar. Prya went on to receive a master's degree in biomedicine and bioscience from the London School of Economics. She is now pursing a law degree at Loyola University Chicago.

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Give or take a few years for grad school and you can expect to spend close to 50 years of your life working!

Let us help you figure out how to make those 50 years enjoyable and lucrative! Choosing the multiple careers you will have over a lifetime means understanding two important dimensions: 1) Yourself and 2) The world of work.

Understanding Yourself

Your interests, skills, values, and personality traits should all play a role in a satisfying career. Identifying these aspects of who you are and connecting them to possible career paths will help identify options you will be good at and enjoy and give you the lifestyle and work-life balance you seek!

Our Career Assessments can provide concrete and objective measurements to help you discover the essential qualities of who you are. It's important to speak to a career counselor to discuss your results and bounce around ideas. This can make the information easier to digest. Make an appointment today!

Understanding the World of Work

Your career exploration will not happen in a vacuum. Learning about work, different industries, and economic trends can all help you make informed decisions. Here are some ways to learn about the world of work:

  • Explore the curriculum through our many majors. The more you learn about the world around you, the more you will see work being done in many different ways. As you become interested and passionate about majors, you will begin to see that working with those issues may lead to an exciting career.

  • Explore careers. Do you know what an auditor does? What are the differences between a dietician and a nutritionist? Reading about different careers and their training and educational requirements, salary, and employment outlook can help you choose among competing paths.

  • Shadow professionals. Through our shadowing program, you can meet professionals who are doing the types of work you are interested in. Learn about the day-to-day life of a job to help you envision yourself doing it—or not!

You are now ready to proceed to the next step: acquiring Experience!

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