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The links to the following exams are provided for your resource. Always check with the programs you are interested in to determine what you need you take. The Prep Resources links are to both free and fee-based resources. Career Development makes no claims regarding the quality of any of the resources.

Exam Info Prep Resources
Required for most academic graduate programs and many professional ones as well. Given year-round on computer only. Plan to register at least 4-6 weeks prior to your planned test-taking date. Raw scores are shown immediately following the exam and official score reports are sent on to programs within 15 days.
GMAT Required for most business, finance, and accounting programs. Administered year-round on computer at at testing centers.
LSAT Law School Admissions Test. Administered in June, October, December, and February. Most law schools have rolling admissions but encourage applications early around Thanksgiving, so plan your exam-taking accordingly.
MCAT The Medical College Admissions Test. Recommended to take in April or May of the Junior year in preparation for a summer application prior to the Senior year.
PCAT The Pharmacy College Admissions Test. Offered in January, July, and September. Check with the program you are applying to in order to determine if the exam is accepted and preferred.
Praxis Required for those entering the teaching profession. Check with the education faculty prior to registering to determine which exams to take.
VCAT The Veterinary College Admissions Test is no longer being administered. Please check with the specific Veterinary School to determine which standardized test you should take.  

*Dr. Don Dugi, Professor of Political Science offers a May-term, non-credit preparation course for the LSAT. Space is limited and students should inquire about the course after Spring Break, by emailing Dr. Dugi.

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