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Internship Rules and Deadlines

Undertaking an Academic Internship requires forethought, planning, and close consultation with your professors and Career Development. To ensure that your experience meets and exceeds the high standards that Transy maintains for its curriculum, we ask that you review and adhere to the rules and deadlines for applying to and successfully completing your internship.

Internship Rules
  1. You must have a minimum of 2.0 GPA and have completed a minimum of 8 units of academic credit to undertake an academic internship. While these are minimum standards, some programs prefer that you have a higher GPA and/or additional units of credit in that program in order to do an internship.
  2. Additionally, you must abide by the requirements set forth in the University Catalog for the specific program you are seeking credit in. (e.g. Business Administration may have different requirements than Sociology).
  3. Academic Internships are graded as Credit/No Credit.
  4. Students must abide by all parts of the Student Conduct Policy when applying to and participating in an academic internship.
  5. Academic Credit cannot be sought retroactively (at the end of the term or the end of the experience) without appealing to the Council for Admissions and Academic Standards (CAAS).
  6. Career Development will always defer to the faculty and Dean of the College when questions of eligibility and/or interpretation of the rules arise.
Internship Application Dates and Deadlines

Applying for an academic internship should happen prior to the start of a term, rather than during or at the conclusion of the term. While Career Development and the Registrar provide flexibility to these dates to give students every opportunity to find and begin an educational experience, every effort should be made to meet these deadlines.

  Fall Winter May Summer
 Registration*  Last day of Add/Drop period  Last Day of Add/Drop Period  May 1st  June 1st
 ALWA** Due  October 1st  February 1st  May 1st  July 1st
 Evaluation Due  Last Day of Final Exams  Last Day of Final Exams  Last Day of Class  

*Registering for an Academic Internship requires completion of the Application for An Academic Internship form after consultation and approval by a professor.

**Academic Learning Work Agreement

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