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Mission Statement

Career Development engages current and former students by helping them seamlessly translate their liberal arts experience into a fulfilling vocation. By educating our students, we endeavor to move them toward high levels of personal responsibility and self-efficacy, which can sustain them throughout the course of their professional lives.

 As facilitators of career development, our goals are to:

  • Provide methods to assist students in acquiring self-knowledge and to help them integrate this knowledge into their major and career decision-making process.

  • Teach skills relevant to the career and graduate school search and application process so that students are able to effectively articulate their knowledge and abilities to others.

  • Engage students in experiential education, so that they may connect their studies to professional opportunities that together will affirm vocational aspirations and allow them to gain skills relevant to those pursuits.

  • Connect students to people in the professional world so that they may pursue opportunities for meaningful employment or additional education.

  • Be leaders to the campus community on issues and information related to the world of work and serve as a clearinghouse for the acquisition and distribution of this information.

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Transylvania does not base employment or academic decisions on a person’s age, race, color, gender, disability or any other criteria prohibited by law. We are committed to providing equal opportunity in employment and education for all.