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If you work with the Career Development staff, you will quickly learn our mantra "Network or Not Work!" Networking is an essential process of learning who is in the know and getting to know those in the know.

Networking is an intentional process of developing relationships with professionals within or connected to the companies and industries where you are seeking opportunities. Contacting professionals to set up informational interviews can be a helpful way to learn about career paths and job opportunities and can help you position yourself for the real interview.

The following resources are available to help you develop, cultivate, and expand your networking reach:

  1. Alumni Connections — Career Development will work with you to identify alumni within industries and/or geographical locations where you are focusing your search. To take advantage of our alumni connections, you must first have a résumé reviewed and approved by Career Development.
  2. Professional Associations — As with research, professional associations present an easy and effective way to develop a network. Local, regional, and national leaders in the association can help you build bridges and develop better insights into opportunities. Attending professional association conferences can be a fun and informative way to build a network. There are often inexpensive student rates to join associations and attend conferences.
  3. LinkedIn — Building a LinkedIn profile will introduce you to the world of online networking. LinkedIn uses your resume to help you build a professional profile. From there you can join Groups, often extensions of professional associations, to explore contacts. You can also join the Transylvania Alumni Group.
  4. Faculty Connections — In addition to the obvious connections faculty members have with colleagues at other colleges and universities, they often have strong connections within industries, non-profits, and community groups related to their research.

With successful networking, you will be well-connected when you begin and be successful at the end of the search.

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