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Non-Credit Internships

Anna Followell '13 interned with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell in Washington, D.C., during the summer of 2012.

Sometimes receiving academic credit for an internship doesn't fit your schedule or need. No worries—a non-credit internship may be right for you. In the end, getting the experience is what matters most!

Steps for securing a non-credit internship:

(You only need to follow these steps if you are seeking assistance from Career Development to find opportunities.)

  1. Write a professional résumé that has been reviewed by our office.
  2. Complete the Application for a Non-Credit Internship and agree to adhere to the Student Conduct Policy contained within it.
  3. Make an appointment to meet with Susan Rayer to discuss opportunities and to network. You can also search for opportunities through our CrimsonNet posting site.

Please note: While Career Development will work with you to help you identify opportunities and contacts, we do not "place" you in an internship. Ultimately, you are responsible for finding, applying to, and securing an internship opportunity.

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