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The Job Search Process

A successful job search requires that you are willing to put in time, hard work, and thought. The following Four Step Process* can help you organize your search, put together stronger applications, and lead to more interviews.

  1. Documents — Resumes, cover letters, personal statements, etc. The stronger these are, the better the chance you will secure an interview.

  2. Research — The better understanding you have of the job, profession, company, and industry you seek to join, the better your documents and potential interviews will reflect this and the more you will impress those employers.

  3. Networking — "Network or Not work" is a Career Development mantra! Connecting to professionals, alumni, and others in the community will help you better understand an industry or profession, give you advance notice of job openings, and may be the key to helping secure an interview!

  4. Search — Where you are looking for jobs and what jobs you are looking at can have a great impact on your success.

*Adapted from a presentation by and used with permission from Christine Y. Cruzvergara, George Mason University

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