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Spotlight Career Fair

Spotlight Career Fair is two weeks away! 

Seniors and Juniors: Attend Spotlight 2013: Job, Internship and Graduate School Fair sponsored by the Kentucky Private Colleges and Universities.  This event allows you to learn about job and internship opportunities and graduate school programs.  Gain access to companies, organizations or graduate schools that you may not have pursued, receive information through personal interaction and develop contacts. 

Spotlight 2013 is Thursday, February 28th 2:00–5:00 at the Clarion Hotel, 1950 Newtown Pike in Lexington.  An estimated 300 students from across the state will attend the fair and present their resumes to recruiters from regional companies and organizations and graduate schools.  Go to http://asp.symplicity.com/spotlight to learn about the companies and organizations and graduate schools.  To date, 40 companies and organizations and 17 graduate school programs are waiting to talk with you!

Students must register with Career Development to attend the fair and must come to a workshop to prepare for the fair. 

The workshop dates and times offered in Career Development are:
Monday     February 18  11:30
Tuesday    February 19    12:30 
Wednesday   February 20      1:30
Thursday  February 21    12:30
Friday     February 22    12:30
To register for a workshop, call Career Development, 233-8193, or stop in the office. If you can’t attend at workshop call or come by to make alternative arrangements.  Please submit a resume prior to your workshop time for critique by Michael Cronk, mcronk@transy.edu.  Resumes will be returned at the workshop.  Use the Resume Writing Guide as you draft a competitive version.

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