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Eryn Hornberger '13 in Italy on a Kenan/Jones grant to observe three different school settings that are all active models for the Slow Food Movement. Eryn, along with professor Sharon Brown, her faculty sponsor, analyzed menus and talked with school leaders, teachers, cafeteria employees, parents, and students.

Whether on-campus with Transy faculty or off-campus at another university or institute, conducting research in your discipline provides invaluable experience. Regardless of professional goals, research demonstrates your commitment to pursuing knowledge, ability to synthesize information, and talent in presenting clear, well-articulated ideas.

The following links provide information, application forms, and deadlines for a variety of undergraduate research opportunities:

  1. On-Campus Research - Undergraduate research often starts by being recognized by faculty in introductory courses. Your inquisitiveness, hard work, flexibility of thought, and capability to synthesize complex ideas may lead to your being approached by faculty for assistance on their research. But don't wait to be approached if you're interested—ask!
  2. Kenan/Jones Grants through Transylvania University - Kenan/Jones Grants are competitively awarded and are designed to support research conducted abroad in any discipline. Faculty sponsorship is required and should be sought out early for any project ideas. (Click the link above to go to the Grants Allocation Committee page, which contains guidelines and application forms.)
  3. Research Experiences for Undergraduates - REUs are sponsored by the National Science Foundation and provide grants to faculty around the country to hire undergraduates to assist with research. Projects and applications begin appearing on the NSF site around January and applications begin becoming due around February. They are not all added at once, so check back regularly. The projects cover all disciplines, but are more heavily geared toward the natural and mathematical sciences. These programs are highly competitive and require a letter of recommendation from a professor. Work with Career Development to ensure your application documents are strong.

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