How we started

In March 2009, a small group of faculty, staff, and friends (including chemistry professor Eva Csuhai and English professor Anthony Vital, project initiators) began to dig. Together they planted a young quince tree.

On April 2, 2009, we held the garden's first organizational meeting. At the second, we set ourselves up with our constitution, filling the leadership positions.

During May term 2009, professor Csuhai offered her interdisciplinary course, The Garden of Transylvania, in which students do the basic work needed to establish an urban community garden and engage in exploring the culture of gardens.

Here is the link to the story of our first year.

One important related development took place away from campus. First Lady Jane Beshear unveiled the Governor's Garden in Frankfort on July 2, 2009. This garden, too, is flourishing.

With our garden, we join the community garden movement in Lexington. Jim Embry of Lexington's Sustainable Communities Network organizes an annual community garden tour. And, thanks to professor Csuhai, we spread the word of our garden among the national community garden movement. In August 2009, professor Csuhai attended the American Community Garden Association Conference in Columbus, Ohio, where she presented a poster describing the establishment of this garden of ours, a garden on an urban, liberal arts college campus.