The Garden Courses

In May 2009, to accompany the start of our garden, chemistry professor Eva Csuhai developed The Garden at Transylvania, an interdisciplinary course designed to introduce the basic tasks establishing an urban community garden. The course also provided students opportunity to explore the culture of gardens, thinking of the role of gardens in human history.

working the compost piles!The course proved so successful, we see it as a regular May term offering, one that will ready the garden for the growing season.

Other courses have incorporated a module of garden work into their design, including:

  • Environmental Philosophy
  • Nutrition and Energy Balance
  • American Writing of Nature
  • RE / Imagining Cities, designed to explore key issues in urban sustainability 

In this way the garden grows in Transylvania's imagination. A garden, of course, is a very physical place, a plot with soil and plants and a rich diversity of other life forms. Yet, gardens are also cultural; they are a very human project and have a long history. Generation after generation we cultivate the meanings of gardens—and this small garden of ours keeps this valuable cultural project alive for us at Transylvania.