The Gardeners

From the outset we have thought of how to involve our Northside neighborhood in our activities; this remains a constant goal. For the moment, though, until we have a good sense of what we are doing, until we have built the expertise to keep an urban garden thriving over a number of growing seasons, we organize the garden as a place for the Transylvania community.

Membership in the garden is available to all members of the Transylvania community, present and past, and is renewable for each annual growing season.

On a practical level we work as an organization, the TCG Association, with an elected board. We pay a small membership fee and delegate tasks among ourselves. 

As an organization we have an agreed-on list of rules and guidelines that we expect members to follow.

The garden is very much a community effort, and members are encouraged to volunteer as much time as they can to help it flourish. We develop a weekly schedule for the growing season, with members finding the weeks in it during which they can volunteer time. Along the same lines, we build a schedule for members volunteering as garden supervisors.

Each week of the growing season the garden has a supervisor and a group of volunteers, and we find time in the week to meet and do what needs to be done. And when it's done, we relax together.

Of course, not all our gardeners are human! Ladybugs, birds of all sorts, and bees are just some of the other living beings we share the place with.