Magazine On-line [fall 2007]
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Alumni Profiles

Crafting Her Own Style

Carrie BlaydesCarrie Blaydes ’02 has loved fashion, sewing, and writing since childhood. She found a way to combine her passions with Fashion DIY: 30 Ways to Craft Your Own Style, a book she co-authored with friend Nicole Smith.

The book, published in May 2007 by Sixth & Spring, offers 30 projects to transform outdated or forgettable pieces of clothing into unique garments in a style Blaydes calls “vintage-inspired.” “Even if I’m not using vintage material for a project, that’s the look I’ve always been into,” she said.

When their proposal was accepted, Blaydes and Smith wrote the book and completed each of the projects in it in just over a month.

A seamstress since kindergarten, Blaydes began altering and embellishing vintage clothing in grade school. At Transy, she majored in English and French and received several writing awards. She also branched out into original clothing design.

Blaydes lives in New York City, where she works as a freelance writer and writes for the on-line street fashion magazine She entered the Fashion Institute of Technology this fall to study fashion design.

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