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Tinseltown at Transy

Ellis Wilder is no stranger to sleepless nights. The junior English major has learned to juggle his school work, his duties as president of Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity, and the rigors of film editing.

randomocity poster
Junior Ellis Wilder, below, and Tyler Lee Allen are featured on the Randomocity movie poster.

Wilder has written and produced a full-length feature film, Randomocity, which was directed by co-creator Tyler Allen, a friend of Wilder’s since their high school days in Findlay, Ohio. A rough cut of the film made the first cut at Robert Redford’s Sundance Film Festival in Utah last summer, though it was not ultimately accepted.

Wilder and Allen are seeking other ways to gain exposure for their movie. They are submitting an edited version to several smaller film festivals, hoping that recognition at one of those venues will serve as a stepping stone to larger competitions.

Randomocity is a “slice-of-life” drama based on actual events in Allen’s life. He shared his ideas with Wilder and the two developed the script together.

Wilder began writing short stories in high school, but cites English professor Tay Fizdale’s film courses at Transy for inspiring him to major in English. “I want to do a little of everything in the world of filmmaking,” Wilder said. “Producing combines the creative aspects with the business of film, and I like that, but I plan on continuing to write screenplays as well.”

Currently, Wilder is rewriting another author’s horror script and talking to a production company in Canada about summer work. While he admits his schedule can be grueling, he thinks that’s for the best. “It’s good training for what’s to come after graduation,” he said. Wilder’s plans include starting a production company with Allen. “It will be easier for me to deal with a demanding schedule,” he said, “after working at this pace now.”

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