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225th Anniversary Campaign goal increased to $42 million

Rachel Skinner in LabThe 225th Anniversary Campaign has been a great success overall, surpassing its original $32 million goal to reach $35 million. Still, there are specific categories within the campaign that have yet to be fully funded. Because of that, the University has extended the campaign by six months and increased the overall goal to $42 million.

“Overall progress on the campaign has been excellent,” said President Charles L. Shearer, “but we need to address several specific goals that are very important to Transylvania’s future.”

Chief among the remaining goals is the ongoing renovation of laboratory space in Brown Science Center, which opened in 1970. Costs for the project, which is more than halfway completed, have risen from an original estimate of $7 million to $9 million. Fund-raising so far has totaled $6.3 million, leaving $2.7 million as an integral part of the remaining overall capital campaign.

Other categories that the extended and increased campaign is intended to address include two $1 million endowed academic chairs, additional support for study abroad opportunities, and new residence facilities.

Work on Brown Science has already included a new heating, ventilating, and air conditioning system, a new flex lab, renovated physics labs, and the first of the renovated biology and chemistry labs.

Transylvania faculty are very impressed with results of the renovation so far. They are now teaching in labs that are state-of-the-art in both decor and equipment, and which offer much greater flexibility and capabilities for science instruction.

The renovated spaces also facilitate more collaboration among students and among faculty members, said biology professor James Wagner. “Modern science is very interdisciplinary,” he said, “and we’re creating spaces that encourage faculty members in the various disciplines to share them.

Mathematics is using the physics lab as a teaching classroom, and chemistry, math, and biology all use the biology flex lab.”

Richard Valentine, vice president for alumni and development, is optimistic that Transylvania donors will make the final stage of the campaign a success. “Completing the work in Brown Science and funding two more endowed academic chairs are our primary targets, with study abroad funding and new campus housing also in the mix. We feel very good about reaching our new, more ambitious goal of $42 million.”

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