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sweaterThe well dressed Pioneer
The freshman beanie was once required apparel for Transy students. This style was for the women and belonged to Margaret “Boots” Sweeney ’43. According to Harry Stephenson ’46, the sweater, which belonged to football player Charles P. Taylor Sr. ’39, was the type worn by varsity athletes during their first year, after which they graduated to a “T” sweater.

invitationAn early society
This formal invitation to an open meeting of the Phileusebian Society is dated 1891. The society was a literary group that began its career at the College of the Bible in 1886. According to John D. Wright Jr.’s Transylvania Tutor to the West, it was the belief of this society and others like it that the members gained as much from the society as they might from their studies.

mustache cupsFor the fashionable gentleman
Three of the more than 350 mustache cups that Lexington businessman and real estate developer Julius Rosenberg donated to Transylvania in 1983. The inscription in old German script on the largest cup (left), as translated by German and French professor Rick Weber: Your cup was constantly too small. Will this one then suffice?

earingsHamilton College bling
Thought to be earrings, although they are slightly different, these pendants bear the logo of Hamilton College, a women’s junior and preparatory college that was affiliated with Transylvania in the early 1900s. A tag in the box is marked $4.


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