Magazine On-line [spring 2008]
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Experiencing the Liberal Arts Ideal

A liberal education is often defined in terms of its classical curriculum that imparts general knowledge in a variety of subjects, including such disciplines as history, philosophy, literature, languages, art, and the social and natural sciences.

It's also thought of for its ability to foster in students a disciplined, analytical approach to thinking and reasoning about the critical issues that are fundamental to human life. These intellectual skills also serve students well regardless of their major subject and the specific career path they ultimately choose.

The following profiles bring those abstractions to life by showing how five students are taking advantage of their Transylvania experience to realize the ideals of a liberal arts education, and how this approach to their education will serve them well in the careers they plan to pursue.


Lauren Covert: Pursuing the Business of Germany

John Kromer: Following His Instincts

Mary Awoniyi: Living Her Dream

Shane McGuire: Pre-Med Studies With a Twist

Marci Smith: Crafting Solutions

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