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Transylvania graduates serving on the University of Louisville Law Review this year are, from left, David Haney ’06, Guion Johnstone ’05, Jennifer Leong Monarch ’08, Tina Nance ’08, and Whitney True ’07.

Transylvania graduates edit U of L law journal

The University of Louisville Law Review is experiencing a distinctly Transylvania influence this academic year as five Transy graduates hold editing positions on the scholarly journal published by U of L’s Brandeis School of Law.

David Haney ’06 is executive editor, while Guion Johnstone ’05, Jennifer Leong Monarch ’08, Tina Nance ’08, and Whitney True ’07 are editing members of the journal.

Law review membership is an academic honor. Candidates are selected based on review of their first-year appellate brief, analysis of a legal topic, résumé, and cumulative grade point average.

Haney feels the emphasis on writing in his Transylvania courses, along with his work-study job in the publications office, gives him an advantage in his law school course work and in his editing position with the Law Review. He also edited the 2006 Crimson yearbook.

“There is such an emphasis at Transy on quality writing, and I think that helps a lot in law school,” he said. “Working on several projects while in the publications office also gave me background in the process you go through to get something published.”

He also said the Socratic teaching method of question-and-answer used in some of his Transy classes was good preparation for law school.

“Our law professors question us in class, and that reminds me of the philosophy classes I took at Transy. Since I had already been exposed to the Socratic method, it wasn’t as rude an awakening when I got to law school.”

Haney, who is a law clerk for E.ON U.S., an energy company headquartered in Louisville, has found contracts, trusts, and estate planning to be of interest as he completes his final year of law school.

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