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Parents Fund efforts continue

Students and parent volunteers are working hard to raise funds for the Transylvania library. At press time, $69,000 had been pledged toward this year’s $93,000 goal.

“We understand how difficult it is for many people to give during these tough economic times, and that makes us appreciate even more the gifts we have received,” said Lori Burlingham, assistant director of development. “The Parents Council has really stepped up to the plate and played a leadership role in this effort. Volunteers filled every station during the September phonathon.”

Mac Lacy, co-president of the Parents Council and father of Sam, a senior, and Ben, a sophomore, encouraged other parents and grandparents to support the Parents Fund. “Our sons recognize that this is our way of being a bit more invested in their educations at Transylvania, and that means something to them,” he said. “You feel like you’ve become connected in a personal way, regardless of how much or how little you’re able to contribute. Supporting the library is something that allows you to touch a lot of lives, not just your son’s or daughter’s.”

Students will continue to call parents and grandparents this spring to request support for the Parents Fund.

Giving is easy by going to and clicking on Giving to Transy and then on Make a Gift Now. Information for parents is available at Family and Friends on the home page.

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