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Transylvania recognized for educational excellence

Cover of Colleges of DistinctionTransylvania is included in the 2008 edition of Colleges of Distinction, a guidebook that identifies schools that fall outside the list of nationally high profile, brand-name institutions, but are deemed to offer exceptional undergraduate educations.

Wesley L. Creel, president and founder of Colleges of Distinction, says that the schools chosen for this honor are some of the very best in the country. In his introduction to the guide, he writes, “What they all share is that they are great places to get an education.”

Approximately 40 colleges in each of the six geographical regions of the U.S. were selected as meeting four key criteria that make a college truly exceptional: engaged students, great teaching, vibrant communities, and successful outcomes. Selections were determined by a review board of academicians, guidance counselors, and parents.

“We are pleased with the complimentary review of Transylvania,” said President Charles L. Shearer. “We take great pride in engaging our students, in having excellent professors, and in the successful outcomes of our alumni.”

Colleges of Distinction praised Transylvania for its internship program and said that “Transylvania graduates are known for their ability to think critically and to use inquiry to explore themselves and the world around them.” It also mentions the University’s extensive study abroad and May term programs.

Transylvania’s outstanding faculty was also acknowledged. The guide said, “Professors engage students in small classes, encouraging them to go beyond the course assignments, seek out new knowledge, and see things in a different light.”

The book described Transylvania students as “active in the local community and across the country,” highlighted the career development center, and touted Transylvania’s high acceptance rate to law and medical schools.

Colleges of Distinction concluded Transy’s profile with, “No matter what path a student chooses, Transylvania University works to develop in its graduates lifelong habits of learning, inquiry, and thoughtfulness, which lead to success in any career.”

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