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An Investment in Friendship

Theta Investments met for the first time in 1983. Comprised of Phi Kappa Tau fraternity brothers, the group (below) formed around the idea of meeting once a month, with each member contributing $25 toward the purchase of stocks chosen by the club.

“Some people got into it for social reasons, some got in it to generate a nest egg,” said partner Tim Collins ’81. “I wanted to educate myself about the financial markets.”

Steve Hall '83 founded the club. With members spread across the country, the club has evolved over the years and has gone from meeting monthly to quarterly to annually, and meets now during Alumni Weekend in the Old Morrison board room.

“This is tremendous fun,” Collins said. “It’s a great source of fellowship and laughs as well as an interesting educational experience.”

The club has proven itself to be good at choosing stocks, too. Even with the recent downturn in the market, 26 years after its formation, Theta Investments is ahead. The longevity of the club, however, is due as much to friendship as financial success. At its core is a desire to continue the college experience. The partners, who truly think of one another as brothers, continue to have fun together, Collins said.

 “We’ve not only shared college, we share life’s passages,” he said. “The club is a vehicle to allow us to stay in touch. It’s a wonderful investment of time.”

Theta Investments members

The current members are Chris Amburgey '83, Russ Anderson '83, Dan Atherton '83, Victor Chewning '82, Tim Collins '81, Steve Dalton '83, Steve Hall '83, Alan Justice '85, Mike Kelley '82, David Nixon '83, Allen Ragle '83, Dave Shutt '83, and Larry Wilson '84.

There are also a number of former members, including: Tom McDaniel '83, Britt Reynolds '85, Steve Stoltz ’87, John Erwin ’85, and Cole Rucker ’85.

Phi Kappa Tau brothers involved in the investment group sitting at a table.
From left, Tim Collins '81, Steve Dalton '83, Steve Hall '83, Allen Ragle '83, and Victor Chewning '83 hold a meeting of Theta Investments in the Old Morrison board room during Alumni Weekend '09.

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