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Challenge grant makes parents fund success more important than ever

The parents fund has received gifts of more than $68,000 toward its goal of $96,000 to support the Transylvania library. This year, it’s even more important to reach that goal because a group of parents of current students and alumni have pledged to contribute an additional $10,000 if the goal is met by June 30.

“The fall phonathon was very successful, and we received more pledges than last year—even when presented with the challenge of fewer people having land-line phones,” said Lori Burlingham, assistant director of parent programs. “We encourage parents and grandparents to share their contact information with us.”

Burlingham added that some corporations have reduced or eliminated their matching gift programs due to the economic situation, so more individual gifts are needed in order for the parents fund to reach its goal.

Nevertheless, Burlingham is optimistic that the effort will be successful.

“The parents fund helps every student, not just one individual,” she said. “Every student uses the library, and keeping the physical and on-line resources up-to-date is vital for student success.”

Jennie Heintzman, mother of Margaret Heintzman ’11, supports the parents fund and encourages others to do so. “Transylvania has given so much to Margaret that we want to give something back,” she said. “Education needs to remain affordable as government loans alone cannot meet the growing demand for students who want and deserve a quality education. We want to help achieve that.”

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