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Transylvania will become tobacco free August 1

President Charles L. Shearer has announced that beginning August 1, Transylvania will be a tobacco-free campus.

The new policy will prohibit the use of all types of tobacco, both smoking and smokeless, in all buildings, parking lots, and campus-owned grounds, with the one exception being a designated smoking area in the southeast corner of the residential side of campus next to Clay Hall and the International House. Tobacco use is also prohibited in personal vehicles parked on campus.

The idea was first proposed in 2009, and the university put together the Tobacco-Free Workplace Advisory Committee, which was a panel consisting of five staff members, two faculty members, and two students. Two of the eight members were smokers. The committee did a campus-wide survey, set up a Facebook discussion page, held two forums asking the community for its input, and drafted some options for what action to take. Those proposals went to Shearer and the Board of Trustees, and they adopted the plan of going tobacco free and offering a smoking area.

“This has been something that the wellness committee has wanted to see for a while,” Ashley Hinton-Moncer, director of fitness and wellness and chair of the Tobacco-Free Workplace Advisory Committee, said. “We work with our students and employees to help them stop smoking, but it’s hard to stop when they can smoke all day long. Even if they don’t stop smoking, less cigarette smoke can have a lot of significant health gains.”

Transylvania’s current tobacco policy bans smoking in all buildings and within 20 feet from entrances and walkways.

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