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Mandy McMIllian and Crown City Bombers
Mandy McMillian ’97 sings for Southern California’s Crown City Bombers. The band, which performs rockabilly and early R&B and rock-and-roll, plans to release its fourth CD in April. McMillian also acts, appearing in shows such as Mad Men and Modern Family. Also pictured (from left) are: Joel Morin, lead guitar; Dave Bertiz, vocals, guitar; Jack Johnson, drums; and Tristan "The Kid," standup bass. For a sample:

Transy grads at Tempurpedic
Pictured at Tempur-Pedic’s new international headquarters in Lexington are seven of the 11 Transylvanians employed by the company. All in this photo work in accounting, except for Trent Davis ’06, far left, who works in marketing. Others in the photo are, from left, Paige Porter ’11, Brittany Rebalsky ’13, Jessica Levinson ’08, Katelynd Porter ’11, Matthew Clayton ’06, and Daniel Porter ’10. Not pictured are Amanda Hall ’05 (accounting), Kelly Carter ’86 (human resources), and Laura Bauer ’11 and Ryan Meyer ’08, both in customer service/sales.

Performance of The Thirteen
THE THIRTEEN PERFORMED | An ensemble of Kentucky musicians and vocalists joined poet Bianca Spriggs ’03 during the performance of The Thirteen on January 23 in Carrick Theater. The event accompanied a Morlan Gallery art exhibit that paid homage to 13 Kentucky women and girls who were murdered.

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