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Jason Catron album

Catron takes his music around the world

Jason Catron ’95 is an accomplished musician and vocalist in Los Angeles, traveling the world as a solo artist and with his singing group Tenore, made up of three tenors.

Catron worked in artist management before recently taking on performing.

“About five years ago I launched into my own music endeavors and stepped to the front of the stage instead of behind-the-scenes stuff,” he said. “Since then I’ve been traveling all over. I’ll either work with a local orchestra, or I sometimes travel with a small ensemble, and we’ll use backing tracks.”

His genre is described as “pop-era,” a mix of pop music and traditional opera styles. On any given night, he may sing hymns, standards, and arias. He has also released self-titled albums on his own and with Tenore (

Catron graduated with a business degree, accounting emphasis, from Transylvania after initially pursuing pre-med.

“I thought I’d do music on the side,” he said. “I started to get into organic chemistry and some of those more advanced classes, and I realized music is really my passion, and that’s what I needed to do. So I switched to business and was in the choir and took private instruction from music professors Larry Barnes, Gary Anderson, and Gregory Partain.”

His 2013 tour will take him to Asia, Africa, Israel, Europe, and Canada, followed by a Christmas tour of the United States. He’ll also be recording a new album with Tenore. Catron’s latest Christmas album, aptly titled Christmas, was recently released on his website, It will get a wide release on iTunes and Amazon next winter.

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