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Students honored at annual University Awards ceremony

LEXINGTON, Ky.—Transylvania recently honored students for their academic achievements and campus involvement during its annual University Awards ceremony. The award recipients are:

Student Activities Board Member of the Year: Adam Littrell

Student Activities Board Service Award: Jennifer Kirk, Laura Lawless, Betsey Pigg, Amanda Todd and Rebecca Williams.

Student Government Association Senator of the Year: Tyler Murphy

Student Government Association Service Award: Sarah Billiter, Elizabeth Combs, Kyle Libra, Meg Phillips and Francesca Pribble.

Judicial Board Service Award: Neil Barry, Jessica Brown, Elizabeth Doan, Spencer Hamilton, Lucienne Hartmann, Meg Phillips and Charlene Rubio.

Crimson Crew Member of the Year: Christina Walker

Omicron Delta Kappa Leader of the Year: Meg Phillips

Omicron Delta Kappa Recognition: Sarah Billiter, Megan Blandford, George Botsko, Melinda Braun, Molly Burchett, Elizabeth Combs, Brittny Congleton, Monica Hagan, Sarah Harcourt, Shane McGuire, Lucas Phillips, Jessica Rickard, Jessica Sullivan, Courtney Williams, Ryan Wood and Mark Anthony Zanni.

Order of Omega Recognition: Olivia Bentley, Sarah Billiter, Stephanie Christopher, Elizabeth Combs, Lauren Covert, Katherine Davis, Holly Gilbert, Allison Keskey, Shane McGuire, James Rice, Jessica Rickard, Bo Ryser, Sarah Tackett, Josh Wenta, Courtney Williams, Rachel Williams and Mark Anthony Zanni.

Alpha Omicron Pi Mary Breckenridge Cup: Delta Delta Delta

Phi Kappa Tau Hendrick Cup: Phi Mu

Excellence in Programming Award:  Courtney Wilson

Student Alumni Association Member of the Year: Chelsea Kelley

Student Alumni Association Scholarships: Rebecca Honaker and Ann Marie Killingbeck.

Chi Omega Mary Collis Vance Award: Paul Kevin Wells

Delta Delta Delta First Year Woman Award: Prya Murad

Delta Sigma Phi Insalutatus Award: Richmond Bramblet

Delta Sigma Phi Crimson Cup: Noel McKay

Phi Mu Susan Lungar Brown Award: Geneva Friend

Lydia Todhunter Memorial Cup: Jill Jones

Transylvania Leadership Award: Shane McGuire

Monroe Moosnick Memorial Award: Sarah Billiter and Eva Csuhai, chemistry professor.

John D. Wright Jr. Award: John Paul Coyle

Shirley Hedges Memorial Award: Molly Burchett

Service Reflection Prize:  First place, Katie Murphy; second place, Nora Jane Montgomery; third place, Elizabeth Guy.

Transylvania University Education Award: Sarah Harcourt, Amanda Todd and Luke Watts.

Major of the Year in Exercise Science: Elizabeth Meredith

Transylvania University Outstanding Freshman Award: Natalie Koebcke

Transylvania Bands Outstanding Service Award: Vaughn Cardona

Transylvania Bands Outstanding Freshman Award: Sarah Rae Killingbeck

Transylvania Choir Outstanding Service Award: Mary Rose Pinotti

Transylvania Choir Outstanding First Year Award: Rebecca Honaker

Transylvania University Singers Outstanding Service Award: Amy Cason and Laura Broughton.

Pioneer Voices Outstanding Service Award: Bryan Mullins

Abbott Art Award: David Kring

Braden Prize: Chelsea Kelley

Sociology Scholar-Citizen Award: Eric Reed

Joseph Buchanan Philosophical Essay Award: Zachary Horn

Classical Association of the Middle West and South Award for Outstanding Accomplishment in Classical Studies: Catherine Nelson

Omicron Delta Epsilon Rara Avis Award: Sarah Billiter

Outstanding Business Administration Award: William Mayer

Accounting Academic Performance Award: William Kays

Accounting Program MVP Award: Benjamin Hager

Thomas Jefferson Scholarship: Erin Sisson and Samantha Tucker.

Mattingly Scholarship: Melinda Braun

James E. Miller Computer Science Award: Jordan Greer

American Institute of Chemists Award: John Kromer

Monroe Moosnick Chemistry Award: John Kromer

Chemical Rubber Company General Chemistry Award: Sarah Rae Killingbeck

Polymer Education Undergraduate Award: Joshua Schwartz

Whitehouse Premedical Award: Brent Roach

Holleian Society Recognition:  Jordan Albrecht, Sara Barnes, Heather Beirne, Laura Bradshaw, Nathan Busse, Rachel Devoto, Emily Grise, Megan Handshoe, Ann Marie Killingbeck, Hope Kodman, Joseph Kolb, John Kromer, Noel McKay, Christopher Mooney, Meg Phillips, Mallory Powell, Brent Roach, Samantha Robinson, Savannah Walker, Luke Watts and Paul Wells.

Holleian Society Awards:  Jordan Albrecht and Patrick Smith.

Ruchman English Award: Emily Grise

Ruchman Foreign Language Award: Ann Marie Killingbeck (German), Noel McKay (French) and Neil Barry (Spanish).

Ruchman History Award: Spencer Hamilton and Rachel Devoto.

Ruchman Mathematics Award: Christopher Mooney

Ruchman Music Award: Vaughn Cardona

Ruchman Physics Award: Nathan Busse

Ruchman Political Science Award: Meg Phillips

Ruchman Biology Award in Memory of Rodney Hays: Joseph Kolb

S.A.A.C.-F.A.R. Highest Team GPA Award: Field Hockey Team

George H. Stopp Award: Brent Roach

Dean’s Purchase Award: Brent Roach

Stephen Austin Award: Kristen Geil, Tara Holaday, Sarah Holmes, Brittany Hulette, Sarah Rae Killingbeck and Jessica Short.

Henry Clay Award: Erin Overstreet

Junior Class Award: Molly Burchett and Katharin Shaw.

Senior Class Award:  Joseph Kolb and Laura Bradshaw.

Transylvania 225 Celebration of Diversity Award: Charisse Gillett, director of the Lilly Program.

Phi Kappa Tau Faculty Member of the Year:  Veronica Dean-Thacker, Spanish professor.

Who’s Who Recognition:  Mary Awoniyi, Stephanie Bunch, Amanda Creech, Elizabeth Combs, Allison Downard, Kelly Ficker, Jordan Greer, Monica Hagan, Benjamin Hager, Jessica Ketron, Jennifer Kirk, Emily Massoth, Shane McGuire, Megan Messick, Lee Nutini, Lucas Phillips, Candace Rayburn, Ashley Rollins, Amber Rowland, Dana Runyon, Elizabeth Ruth, Erin Sisson, Maria Taustine, Joshua Wenta, Courtney Williams, Rebecca Williams and Elizabeth Woods.

Transylvania Scholarship recipients:  George Botsko, Rachel DeMers, David Hysong, Christine Leurman, Shane McGuire, Lee Nutini and Joshua Schwartz.

For more information, contact the public relations office at (859) 233-8120.


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