Pre-Engineering Program - A Partnership with the University of Kentucky College of Engineering

Transylvania students interested in pursuing graduate study in engineering can participate in a unique partnership between Transylvania and the UK College of Engineering. Students can enroll in up to six foundational engineering courses at UK. These courses can begin as early as the sophomore year, but most courses are taken in the junior and senior years, with no more than two courses taken in any one semester. These courses provide students with necessary prerequisites for graduate study in engineering. The UK courses are transferred back to Transylvania and count toward the total credits required for graduation. Students incur no additional costs for these courses as they are covered in Transylvania’s tuition and fees.
Students must have a 3.0 cumulative GPA and sophomore standing to participate in the pre-engineering program. Interested students should contact Dr. Jamie Day, Professor of Physics, for general program information and for advice on engineering course selection and prerequisites.

Pre-engineering is not a major.  Students must still declare a major (most likely in physics, mathematics, or computer science) and the pre-engineering courses at UK will be transferred in as electives in the major at the discretion of the program director.

Qualified students will register for the courses via the Registrar's Office at Transylvania University each term.

About This Program Recommended Course Sequence

Biosystems Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Mining Engineering
EM 221 Statics
EM 302 Mechanics of Deformable Solids
EM 313 Dynamics
ME 220 Thermodynamics
ME 330 Fluid Mechanics
EE 305 Electrical Circuits

Chemical Engineering
CME 200 Process Principles
MSE 201 Materials Science
CME 320 Thermodynamics
CME 330 Fluid Mechanics
CME 425 Heat and Mass Transfer

Civil Engineering
EM 221 Statics
EM 302 Mechanics of Deformable Solids
CE 106 Computer Graphics and Communications
CE 341 Introduction to Fluid Mechanics
CE 381 Civil Engineering Materials I

Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering
EE 211 Circuits I
EE 221 Circuits II
EE 222 Electrical Engineering Laboratory I
EE 280 Design of Logic Circuits
EE 281 Logical Design Laboratory

Materials Engineering
CME 200 Process Principles
MSE 201 Materials Science
EM 221 Statics
EM 302 Mechanics of Deformable Solids
MSE 351 Material Thermodynamics
EE 305 Electrical Circuits

Biomedical Engineering
There is no undergraduate program in Biomedical Engineering.  If a student wishes to pursue graduate work in Biomedical he/she should follow the prescribed courses for the area that most closely fits their interests.  For example, a student interested in biomechanics should take the courses listed above for Mechanical Engineers, a student interested in drug delivery should follow the Chemical Engineering path, and a student interested in imaging or signals should take the courses listed for Electrical Engineering.