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Anthropology Spotlight

Hannah Weigle

Hannah Weigle: A Passion Rooted in Childhood »

“By studying anthropology I am constantly challenged to see the world with perspectives different than my own. This has been very influential in the different leadership positions I hold on Transylvania’s campus.”

Ellen Gilbert
Ellen Gilbert: A Not-for-profit Student »

“People often ask, ‘What are you going to do with an anthropology major?’ The question is what am I not going to do with this degree?”

Jazmine Wilson
Jazmine Wilson: Connecting the Dots »

“I like to be uncomfortable—to encounter new perspectives, go out into the world, and learn new things about it.”

Katie Aultman
Katie Aultman: Teaching and Outreaching »

“Anthropology is fun, exciting, always changing. It really gives you a new perspective and impacts how you see the world.”

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