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“In addition to being able to tailor your degree, you have the opportunity to explore at Transylvania. Trying new things is built into the liberal arts curriculum.”

Lauren Covert

Lauren Covert: Finding Your Future

Like any business-savvy person entering the real world, Lauren Covert '08 knew to follow her heart—and good advice. Faced with a myriad of choices and opportunities, her decisions weren't always easy, but she always chose to pursue her future on her own terms.

At Transylvania, Covert first had to make decisions about her major. The flexibility of the business administration major allowed her to tailor the courses she took to the future she envisioned for herself. Then she mixed practicality with passion by declaring a second major in German and a minor in music.

Looking back now, Covert realizes, "It's been a perfect combination for me.”

With graduation looming and many options before her, Covert decided to follow the advice of business professor Julia Poynter…and her gut.

"Professor Poynter insisted that I hold my horses on heading off for an M.B.A. immediately after graduation," Covert recalls. "'Someone else will pay for it,' she said." So Covert journeyed to Berlin on a fellowship, working in the German Bundestag.

"The experience I gained in Germany has been a great stepping stone to each of my following jobs. Fast forward a few years and, yes, someone else is paying for my M.B.A., and I'm getting a lot more out of the coursework with some experience under my belt."

Covert is currently enrolled in the evening M.B.A. program at Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business. That’s particularly convenient for her, since during the day she works as the administrator for Georgetown’s Center for Security Studies, where she manages all of the HR and finance functions for the center.

Covert came to Washington, D.C., after her stint in Berlin. She first worked with Georgetown University's BMW Center for German and European Studies. A year later, she accepted the position with the Center for Security Studies—a job she loves. "I work with faculty experts who are commonly interviewed on NPR or quoted in The New York Times. The security field was completely new to me, so I'm constantly learning from the best."

Her graduate studies are allowing her to revisit her old passions as well as discover some new ones.  “Because I work on campus, I'm uniquely positioned to pursue a certificate in the Landegger Program in International Business Diplomacy. The certificate program requires you to pass a foreign language proficiency exam. I'll take the German exam next fall. This is particularly exciting because it's advancing the things I studied at Transylvania—business and German—while also focusing on policy and international relations, critical for those of us working in D.C.”

As part of her M.B.A. program, Covert will travel to Peru with a small team to consult with a nonprofit.

“The best part of the Georgetown M.B.A. is the Global Residency. This summer I'll be pushing out of my normal ‘European box’ to study Latin American business.”

Covert says the most rewarding aspect of her position with the Center for Security Studies is her role in making merit scholarships available for a new generation of college students, in essence helping them carve their own futures from the plentiful options before them.

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