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Steve BanfieldSteve Banfield: The Social Networker

“There was a lot expected at Transylvania, both from the faculty and the other students. You were seen as someone who had achieved something. It was a really positive thing because it positioned you to step up to that responsibility.”

As technology continues to grow and intertwine with all aspects of life, the global community is more interconnected than ever before. For over 20 years, Steve Banfield has been a part of that revolution.

After graduating in 1990, Banfield's technological ingenuity and business savvy opened doors. "The liberal arts education at Transylvania, combined with a computer science major like mine, creates graduates with a unique blend of highly marketable skills," he says.

Banfield's impressive career journey is proof as to just how marketable those skills can be. Since leaving Transylvania, Banfield has earned an M.B.A. from Harvard University and held positions in 10 companies, including Screenlife Games, Realnetworks, Sony, and Microsoft. Banfield's hands and mind helped create digital products familiar to millions of people around the world, including Windows 95, RealPlayer, and Sony Connect.

Today, Banfield's reputation as a veteran of the technology industry, an innovator, a leader, and a marketer has landed him at Korrio, a Seattle-based company that promises to "transform the sports experience" with a digital system that enables administrative organization and social interaction for teammates, coaches, and parents. As chief product officer, Banfield's job requires "looking beyond the horizon to what we can build," and he hopes to help Korrio become a powerful tool "to make the experience off the field as fun as the game on the field."

Banfield's résumé, jam-packed with companies and accomplishments that shaped digital and social media, speaks to his leadership. He says that pioneer spirit has Transylvania roots. "I learned a lot about what it meant to get the best out of people."

While motivating those around him, Banfield has always given his best. He landed his first job with a major technological company before he'd even graduated from Transylvania, when IBM brought him on as a programmer. Over 20 years later, Banfield continues to humbly affect the lives of millions—both abroad and at his alma mater. Around the world, his name is embedded in the digital programs on hundreds of millions of computers. At Transylvania, his name is attached to a scholarship that rewards members of his fraternity for academic excellence.

And perhaps that is Banfield's greatest asset: even 20 years later, he remains completely connected.

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