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Cameron Lindsey: Narrowing the Path, Opening the Mind

Cameron Lindsey“Just like the categories in Jeopardy, life’s experiences are varied and unpredictable. Instead of being able to respond perfectly to only a few of those, a liberal arts education allows students to respond intelligently to all of them with confidence.”

The appeal of a liberal arts education is often its interdisciplinary approach, which opens up varied opportunities for students. Transylvania’s curriculum offers students the flexibility to take classes in several departments, instead of confining them to one subject area. While the liberal arts model is generally thought to be a way of expanding interests, Cameron Lindsey’s experience was different. Transylvania’s flexibility helped him narrow his post-college choices.

As a first-year student, Lindsey ‘13 had identified 25 occupations for consideration. As a senior, he can now confidently pinpoint three paths—dramatic improvisation, English and film studies, or teaching English in China.

But this couldn’t have happened without Transylvania’s liberal arts approach, which allowed him to dabble in various areas and discover the paths best suited for him.

Now, Lindsey is an English major and Asian studies minor who fulfills his passion for drama by directing Transylvania’s improvisation troupe ImprompTU, whose performances draw crowds of up to 500 people. In 2011 Lindsey worked with Cory Collins ‘13 to write, produce, and star in the play Caroline

When he’s not writing plays or leading an improv exercise, Lindsey writes Chinese characters “anywhere and everywhere.”

Lindsey has taken almost every class in the Chinese program. His love for China began when he visited the country with his family in high school. “Chinese culture is fascinating because it is one of the oldest cultures in the world, maintaining a feudal system until the early twentieth century.”

Lindsey has enjoyed a close relationship with the Transylvania faculty, who have empowered him to take his educational interests from the classroom to the campus. Partnering with sustainability coordinator Angela Poe, Lindsey started the Anti-Apathy Film Series, showing documentaries that covered pressing issues, followed by a panel-led discussion. Lindsey also contributed to the search committee for a film studies professor.

“The small campus size has allowed me to get to know the faculty and staff on a very personal level.”

Whatever career path he chooses, Lindsey knows he’ll be ready to respond to unpredictable events in all of life’s categories.

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