Academic Programs

Courses of special interest:

  • Weimar and New German Cinema
  • German Geography, Political Institutions, and Social Structures
  • Still Draussen vor der Tur: Other Voices in German
  • Vienna & Munich: Aesthetes, Decadents, and the fin-de-siecle
  • The Wall Falls: Putting Germany Together Again

Catalog 2015-2016

German Major/Minor Patterns
German Studies Major

9 full-unit German Courses above 1034, including:

5 3000-level or higher courses
2-4 courses taken abroad on an approved study abroad program
GER 4444 Senior Seminar

German cinema courses for non-majors and GER 2074 are excluded from the major pattern but, because of the relevance of the course material for a German Studies major, HIST 3464 may count as one of the 9 courses.
Minor5 full-unit German courses above 1034 (excluding GER 2044, 2074, and 2144)

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