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SPAN 1014 Spanish I: The Personal World
An introduction to Spanish through exploration of the students immediate world, developing student proficiency in speaking, listening, reading, and writing. By the end of the course students will be able to ask for and give information; express their wants, needs, abilities, and obligations; describe people, places, and things in their surroundings; write a basic letter in the language; and give in some detail a report of their typical activities. Laboratory required.

SPAN 1024 Spanish II: The Spanish Speaking World
An extension of Spanish I that moves beyond the students personal experiences toward an increased linguistic and social awareness of Hispanic cultures. By the end of the course students will be able to narrate past events, demonstrate an understanding of various aspects of the Spanish-speaking world, and formulate briefly a position on an issue treated in the course. Prerequisite: SPAN 1014 or equivalent proficiency. Laboratory required.

SPAN 1034 Spanish III: Topical Issues
An extension of Spanish II that offers a more in-depth look at current issues in Hispanic cultures. Religions, ethnic groups, and demographic patterns will be explored, as will other concerns such as the environment and the economy. Material will include literary texts, films, and productions in the fine arts. Students will give oral and written reports, refute and support positions taken on specific issues, and suggest and negotiate compromises. Prerequisite: SPAN 1024 or equivalent proficiency. Laboratory required.

SPAN 2024 Spanish Conversation
Exercises in conversational Spanish and idiomatic expression. Texts on everyday subjects, discussions, and expose prepared by the student. May be repeated once for credit but increases pattern requirement by 1 course unit. Prerequisite: SPAN 1034. IV

SPAN 2084 Spanish Composition and Grammar Review
A review of Spanish grammar and syntax. Free composition in Spanish based on texts chosen for style. Prerequisite: SPAN 1034. IV

SPAN 2094 Introduction to Hispanic Literature
A brief survey of Spanish and Spanish-American literature from its beginning to the present. Lectures and reading of representative texts. Prerequisite: SPAN 1034 and FYS 1104. IV; V

SPAN 2124 Chicano Literature and Culture
Students will read, discuss, and analyze representative texts of the Chicano literary tradition and reflect on cultural trends of the mid-20th and early 21st centuries. Emphasis will be given to the Chicano civil rights movement, and to issues of race, class, gender, and marginalization. Prerequisite: SPAN 1034 IV

SPAN 2214 Spanish for Business
Designed to provide intermediate Spanish students with a foundation in business vocabulary, basic business concepts, key cultural topics, and the situational practice necessary to be successful in todays Spanish-speaking business world. Taught in Spanish. Prerequisite: SPAN 1034. IV

SPAN 2294 Special Topics
Study of an area involving the language, literature, or culture not fully treated in other Spanish courses. Topics change and will be announced in advance. May be repeated for credit if the topic is different. Prerequisite: SPAN 1034 unless specific description states otherwise. IV

SPAN 3014 Independent Study and Research
Independent study in a specialized field in consultation with a supervising instructor. This course involves the preparation of a substantial research paper. May be repeated once for credit. Prerequisites: SPAN-2084, SPAN-2094, and permission of instructor.

SPAN 3024 Latin-American Literature
Selected readings exemplifying outstanding trends and works in Spanish-American literature. Prerequisite: SPAN 2094 and FYS 1104. IV; V

SPAN 3044 Medieval and Golden Age Spanish Literature
Reading and analysis of representative texts from the Middle Ages through the Baroque. Will include selections of early verse and prose genres, such as the Cantar de Mio Cid, through the works of Golden Age masters, including Cervantes, Lope de Vega, and Calderon. Prerequisite: SPAN 2094 and FYS 1104. IV; V

SPAN 3054 Modern Spanish Literature
Lectures and discussion of Spanish literary trends from the eighteenth century through the present based on critical readings of representative works from the Enlightenment, Romanticism, the Generation of 98, the Generation of 1927, Post-Franquismo, and contemporary literature. Prerequisite: SPAN 2094 and FYS 1104. IV; V

SPAN 3074 Contemporary Latin-American Prose Fiction
Novels and short stories of selected authors in Spanish America. Will include Asturias, Carpentier, Borges, and Garcia Márquez. Prerequisite: SPAN 2094 and FYS 1104. IV; V

SPAN 3084 Afro-Hispanic Literature
An introduction to the most representative writers of the African Diaspora in Latin America within its socio-historical contexts focusing on different genres of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Students will explore themes of ethnicity, racism, and alienation, placed in the wider global context of socio-politico-artistic movements such as Negritude and the Harlem Renaissance. Writers will include Manzano, Zapata Olivella, Guillen, Morejon, Duncan, Santa Cruz, and others. Prerequisite: SPAN 2094. III A or IV

SPAN 3134 Spanish Civilization
The geography, political history, and cultural development of Spain. Readings will be supplemented by films on Spanish history and culture. Prerequisite: SPAN 1034 and FYS 1104. III B or IV; V

SPAN 3234 Latin-American Civilization
Designed to expose students to the cultural and political development of Latin America from pre-colonial times to the present. It will focus on cultural themes such as diversity, religion, family, education, and gender issues as well as analyze some myths and representations of the other. The course will examine cultural and ethnic diversity and their role in shaping Latin America. Readings will be supplemented by literary excerpts and historical films. Prerequisite: SPAN 1034 and FYS 1104. III A or IV; V

SPAN 3504 Advanced Special Topics
In-depth study of language, literature, or culture not fully treated in other 3000-level courses. Topics change and will be announced in advance; course may focus on a genre, an issue, an author, or a movement. May be repeated once for credit if the topic is different. Prerequisite: SPAN 2084 or 2094. IV

SPAN 4204 Internship in Spanish
Provides the student an opportunity to apply and improve Spanish language skills and cultural competence through supervised placement in organizations serving Lexingtons Hispanic community. The student chooses an appropriate organization in consultation with the internship supervisor. Student will meet with professor to discuss assigned readings. CR/NC grading. Prerequisites: Junior or senior standing, Spanish major, demonstrated language competence, and consent of instructor. May be repeated once for credit; however, only 1 course unit may be counted toward the major.

SPAN 4444 Senior Seminar
Designed as the capstone experience for Spanish majors. While focusing on a particular genre, author, or time period, the selection of literary texts is geared to refining students analytical, interpretive, and communicative skills in Spanish. The course will include oral presentations, research, and writing within the sphere of the course topic. Prerequisite: SPAN 1034. IV

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