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History Spotlight

Marshall Jolly
Marshall Jolly: A Major Pioneer »

“At Transylvania, they walk the walk and talk the talk. When they say they will give you small classes and extracurricular activities, they do.”

Mindy Groff
Mindy Groff: Living History »

“At Transylvania, I was pushed to become the best student that I could be... I’m really thankful for the way that Transy prepared me for graduate school and my future career.”

Colmon Elridge
Colmon Elridge: From Private College to Public Servant »

“I’m a walking, living, breathing Transylvanian, because everything I do as an adult has been guided by those four years and those experiences.”

Jessica Sullivan
Jessica Sullivan: Passing the Torch of Teaching »

“I learned a lot about balancing priorities and pushing myself while I was at Transylvania, and those skills are truly invaluable. The kind of active citizen that a liberal arts school pushes you to become helped me decide to pursue Teach for America.”

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