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  • Latin American Revolutions
  • Women and Men in Latin America
  • Sustainable Development
  • The Immigrant Child
  • Afro-Hispanic Literature
  • Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion

Catalog 2016-2017

Latin American and Caribbean Studies Interdisciplinary Minor Pattern

Latin American and Caribbean Studies is an interdisciplinary minor that focuses students' attention on the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean, including their diasporas. Students gain an understanding of the region's historical and contemporary societies and cultures by completing courses in various disciplines. Students must complete 6 courses, including ANTH 3314, HIST 2404 or 2414, and SPAN 3234. They also complete at least 3 courses defined as electives, drawn from at least 2 disciplines. These courses may be drawn from the list below; alternatively, students are encouraged to petition the directors of Latin American and Caribbean Studies for approval of other courses, such as Special Topics courses focused on Latin America and Caribbean, May term courses that include travel to the region, and independent study experiences. No more than 2 courses from a student's major or other minor pattern may be used to satisfy the requirements of the Latin American and Caribbean Studies minor. Students who minor in Latin American and Caribbean Studies are strongly encouraged to pursue both proficiency in one of the region's languages and study abroad opportunities in the region.

6 course units, including:
Core Courses:
ANTH 3314 Latin American Prehistory
HIST 2404 Latin American Civilization I or
HIST 2414 Latin American Civilization II
SPAN 3234 Latin American Civilization


Any 3 of the following, from at least 2 disciplines (other courses may be approved by the directors of Latin American and Caribbean Studies):

ANTH 2604 Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion
ANTH 3404 Sustainable Development
ANTH 3244 Global Feminisms
EDU 2414 The Immigrant Child
HIST 2404 Latin American Civilization I
HIST 2414 Latin American Civilization II
HIST 2424 Sports in Latin America
HIST 2384 History of Brazil
HIST 2444 Latin American Rebels and Dictators
HIST 3424 U.S.-Latin American Relations
HIST 3434 Central American History
PS 3314 Political Development
SOC 3404 Sustainable Development
SPAN 3084 Afro-Hispanic Literature
WS 3244 Global Feminisms

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