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Mathematics Spotlight

 Erik Weber

Erik Weber: Practical Applications »

“I'm at the intersection of local government, mobile technology, and the transportation industry.”

 Ellen Furlong

Ellen Furlong: Mathematics and Monkey Business »

“My Transylvania undergraduate work demonstrates that what you need to succeed in graduate school are not the little bits of knowledge about your particular field. It’s knowing how to do research, how to construct an argument, and how to talk with your faculty advisor.”

Josh Wigglesworth
Josh Wiglesworth: The Accidental Physician »

“I felt comfortable at Transylvania from the time I stepped on campus. Several other colleges wanted to know what I could bring to their school, but when I interviewed at Transy, the focus was more on what the college could do for me.”

Josh Wigglesworth
Kate Shirley Akers: Tracking Strategies and Statistics »

“I feel so fortunate to be employed doing exactly what I want to do, where I want to do it!”

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