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International Destinations 2003

  • French and Exercise Science: Transy's Tour de France: History and Culture of the Languedoc

    Travel Dates: April 27th - May 12th
    Instructors: Brian Argancright, Sharon Brown
    Location: France

    Course Description

    Explore Languedoc from the mountains to the Mediterranean as you cycle through the picturesque and sunny south of France. Discover the mystery of the Cathars, a medieval Christian sect that emerged in the middle of the 10th century and flourished in Occitania for about 300 years. Visit remote mountaintop castles, ornate abbeys, and the majestic La Cite of Carcassonne, the largest walled medieval city in existence today. Our hidden roads take you along the peaceful Canal du Midi and through the breathtaking scenery of the Gorges d'Heric.

  • Music: Transylvania University Choir Tour

    flag Travel Dates: May 11-21
    Instructors: Gary L. Anderson and Loren C. Tice
    Location: Russia, Finland, Estonia, Sweden

    Course Description

    "The architecture and art treasures in St. Petersburg are enticing enough for a choir tour, but when the picturesque beauty of Helsinki and Stockholm and the ancient walled city of Tallinn are added, the trip promises to be a feast for the eyes and food for the soul."

  • History and Philosophy: The Ancient Polis

    flag Travel Dates: April 25th - May 2-th
    Instructors: Frank S. Russel and Peter S. Fosl
    Location: Greece

    Course Description

    "Through visiting relevant sites and texts, we will attempt to establish a more specific and relevant description of the conceptual and physical development of the polis. A common theme of the journey will be scrutiny of the question of what constitutes the good life and the distinctive manner in which the polis attempted to realize it."

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