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International Destinations 2007

  • The European Union and Harmonization of International Accounting

    Travel Dates: May 3-17
    Instructors: Dan Fulks and Judy Jones
    Location: London, Paris, Brussels, and Amsterdam

    Course Description

    This course will explore the history and status of international accounting standards and efforts to harmonize such standards. Particular emphasis will be placed on financial reporting in the European Union and the role the EU plays in international accounting. Related visits will include the offices of the International Accounting Standards Board (London), the European Union (Brussels), international public accounting firms, and multi-national corporations.

  • Contemporary Ireland

    Travel Dates: tba
    Instructors: Barbara LoMonaco and Don Dugi
    Location: Ireland

    Course Description

    This course investigates the politics and culture of Ireland from the early 20th century until the present. Conflict (known as the Troubles) between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland and the subsequent Good Friday peace agreement of 2000 is a central theme in this course, given that the Troubles have shaped the trajectory of Irish history in important ways.

    Beyond political conflict, the course explores contemporary Irish culture. In the last ten years, the Republic of Ireland has become known as the "Celtic Tiger," in that the economy has become one of the strongest in Europe. We will spend some time exploring how these economic trends impact Irish culture and Irelands role in the emerging European Union.

  • Sacred and Profane: Modern Spain in Art and Literature

    Travel Dates: tba
    Instructors: Veronica Dean-Thacker and Nancy Wolsk
    Location: Spain

    Course Description

    Through literature, newspapers, art, and architecture, through films and conversations with contemporary Spanish authors and journalists, this interdisciplinary course will examine the oppositions that dominate contemporary Spanish cultural life and discourse. Students will have to look back into Spain's religious, political, and social past and the conflicts then that laid the foundations for the present. In this light, for example, we will study the practice of devout Catholics in the medieval cathedral at Leon and look at the works of social protest art in Léon's famous and controversial Museum of Contemporary Art; then, still in Léon, we will discuss current political and social issues with Pedro Garcia Trapiello, one of Spain's leading journalists. The travel portion of the course will begin in Madrid and Toledo, then continue through Castille, the Basque Country, and Catalonia stopping at Leon, Soria, Bilbao, and Barcelona where students will actually immerse themselves in today's Spanish culture.

  • International Marketing & Issues in Global Economy

    Travel Dates: May 9-20
    Instructors: Michael Nicholson and Rod Erfani
    Location: Armenia

    Course Description

    This course is designed to provide students with a real-world introduction to the theory and policy of international marketing so that they can better understand international business activities and the economic environment in which international businesses and consumers interact. Topics will include theories of international marketing, market segmentation by multinational enterprises, culture in business, regional economic integration, bi-lingual advertising, market penetration in the former Soviet Union, environmental concerns within business promotion, sustainable human development, and current issues in international business. The course format will include a combination of lectures, presentations, site visits, and guest speakers. The course will be conducted, in part, in Yerevan, Armenia. There will be several field study visits to commercial, governmental, and cultural sites within the country, which will include local and foreign owned manufacturing/service companies.

  • Paul in the Roman Empire

    Travel Dates: May 2-16
    Instructors: Paul Jones
    Location: Turkey/Greece

    Course Description

    Seeks to understand the words and worlds of Paul the apostle by visiting significant sites in both Turkey and Greece that relate Paul to the Roman imperial world that surrounded him, the Jewish covenantal religion that formed him, and the Christian faith that transformed him.

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