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Courses of special interest:

  • Congress and the Presidency
  • Globalization and Civic Responsibility
  • Politics of the Middle East
  • International Politics
  • The Legal System
  • American Constitutional Development
  • Politics of Russia

Catalog 2016-2017

The primary goal of the political science program is to provide substantive understanding of the public dimension of human existence. Courses focus on four major subfields of the discipline: American/U.S. politics, international/comparative politics, political theory, and political methodology. Each course includes significant requirements for analytic exercises, critical thinking, and communications skills—both oral and written. Beyond traditional academic offerings, students can experience political and governmental life through internships or participate in more specialized study through directed studies.

Political Science Major/Minor Patterns
11 course units, including:
PS 1004 Introduction to Politics
PS 1014 Introduction to U.S. Politics
PS 3044 Modern Political Concepts, Methodology, and Analysis
PS 3114 Political Theory I or
PS 3124 Political Theory II
PS 4444 Senior Seminar

1 course in comparative government chosen from the following:
PS 2504 Politics of the Middle East
PS 3314 Political Development
PS 3334 Politics of Russia
PS 3384 Topics in Comparative Politics

5 electives

At least 6 course units earned in fulfillment of the requirements of the major pattern in political science must be at the 3000-level or above.

6 course units, including:
PS 1004 Introduction to Politics
PS 1014 Introduction to U.S. Politics
4 electives    

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